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EasyIT Supports the Byron Saunders Foundation 2023 Food Drive: A Charitable Initiative for Community Welfare

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In our ongoing commitment to community outreach and social responsibility, EasyIT is delighted to announce our partnership with The Byron Saunders Foundation for the 2023 Food Drive. Recognizing the hunger challenge in Central Ohio, especially during the holiday season, we are mobilizing our resources to support those in need. Our team volunteers to collect, sort, and distribute food donations to ensure that local families can enjoy a warm Thanksgiving meal.

The Byron Saunders Foundation, an established non-profit organization in Central Ohio, has been pivotal in aiding families during Thanksgiving with generous contributions from the community. Their mission—to provide Thanksgiving meals to needy families—resonates with our corporate vision of giving back. This year, the foundation counts on the community's continued generosity and partnerships with local businesses like ours to meet the increased needs during the holidays.

Hosting a food drive allows our employees, clients, and the community to contribute to a meaningful cause. Our offices have become collection points for non-perishable food items and monetary donations. The overwhelming response illustrates the compassion and solidarity within our community, reinforcing our belief that collective efforts can create a significant impact. Through this initiative, we aim to surpass last year's milestone of providing Thanksgiving meals to over 5,000 families.

EasyIT Collaboration with the Byron Saunders Foundation

Our partnership with the Byron Saunders Foundation for the 2023 Food Drive is a committed effort to give back to our local community during the Thanksgiving season.

Objectives of the 2023 Food Drive

  • Reach: To extend the provision of Thanksgiving meals to as many families in need as possible within Central Ohio and surrounding counties.
  • Engagement: To encourage broad community involvement, ensuring a collective effort in this charitable endeavor.
  • Support: To sustain our tradition of volunteering and offering logistical support to the Byron Saunders Foundation.

Impact on the Community

  • Families Nourished: Our shared goal is to increase the number of families who receive these essential Thanksgiving meals over the holiday season.
  • Community Strengthened: Through our efforts with the Foundation, we seek to fortify community bonds and reinforce the spirit of giving.

Why EasyIT Believes In Supporting Our Local Community

At EasyIT, we are deeply committed to supporting our local community, an ethos we embed in every layer of our corporate culture. Our responsibilities stretch far beyond our services; they extend into the streets, homes, and lives of those who might benefit from a collective effort to uplift them.

Unity and Outreach: We believe in fostering a sense of unity among our employees because when we work collectively towards a common goal, we can make impactful contributions to society. Our efforts to organize a food drive bring both our team and the community together, ensuring that while we grow as a company, we also pay attention to the growth and well-being of our community.

Addressing Local Needs: Economic hardship is a persistent issue, and with many of our neighbors facing unprecedented challenges, we must step in when we can. By aligning with The Byron Saunders Foundation, we aim to address hunger – a critical need within Central Ohio – especially during times of celebration and thanks.

Megan O'Hara's Vision: Megan O'Hara, from EasyIT (website), underscores this vision: "We need to be a beacon for the Columbus community, guiding not just through the provision of services but through direct involvement that makes a tangible difference."

Volunteering and Leadership: Our choice to volunteer with local organizations reflects our commitment to leadership grounded in compassion and action. This leadership is in technology and human connections that nurture our community.

By standing with The Byron Saunders Foundation this year, we reaffirm our conviction that businesses have the power to be a force for good, truly enriching the lives of those we serve.